First up, a little about my background and me: I come from the land down under (Sydney, Australia the host city 2000 Olympic Games) I was born in 1965, in Melbourne to Italian born parents. I moved to Sydney when I was three. I worked part time as a Desktop Publisher for 6 years.

My Interests: I love Nature, Animals, The Beach, Sunsets, Sunflowers, Sleeping in, Dolphins, Whales, Angels, Watching Dvd’s, Blogging, Surfing the Internet, Computer Graphic’s, Digital Scrapbooking, General Scrapbooking, Home-made Cards, anything that have a creative feel to it. I also have interests in New Age stuff, Energy Healing, Numerology, Feng Shui, Philosophy and Anthroposophy.

Astrology:  Sun in Scorpio, Capricorn Rising, Moon in Cancer

Chinese Astrology:  Snake / Wood

Numerology: Path No-9, The Humanitarian

Favourite Saying:  “A life lived in fear, is a life only half lived” 

Favourite Books:  Conversations with God – Neale Donald Walsch, Law Of Attraction – Abraham-Hicks, Rudolf Steiner, Jane Robert-Seth Books  

Favourite  Colours:  Purple and Gold

Favourite Sport: Hot Air Ballooning, Helicopter

Favourite Music: Human Nature

Favourite Movies: Pay it Forward, 50 Frist Dates, I am Sam, Six Sense, Ghost, Beaches, Sister Act, Pretty Woman, An Officer and Gentleman, Sound of Music and Grease, all in that order.

My Pets: Golden Retriever named Nash (passed away August of 2007  Ginger Tom Cat named Buffy (passed away 2008)