Sunday, February 12, 2012

Flank Pain update

So finely I got around to seeing my NS, it had been almost 5 years since I'd seen him last. Unfortunately I was unable to get the community transport, I had to get a WAT's taxi. Anyway describing the pain to my NS, he thinks its going to be difficult task to pin point where or what the pain could be. Anything from a pinched nerve (which is what I think it is) to kidney stones, disc or a rib fracture. Because of the twists and turns of my spine the radiologist might not be able to find the never root that is causing the pain. He sent me for a Bone Scan, MRI, X-ray and a Kidney Ultrasound. The Bone Scan on the 15th will take about 4 hours, it will be a long trying day.  I'll have the MRI, X-ray and Kidney Ultrasound, all in the one day on the 28th. It will be an early start that morning 7 am, a real challenge. After these tests, on that same day I'll see my NS to get the results, not sure how I'm going to cope physically, I'll be lying down during the tests, so I might be ok.

I kind of get the feeling that now I'm in a WC, they've put me on the shelf or the too hard basket. Reading in-between the lines I think he feels "what's the point of havering surgery if I'm already in a wheelchair", it's not as if I'm going to walk again. But my point is, I don't want to get worse, lose the ability of my right hand and just be able to feed myself, use the computer or scratch my nose. Is that to much to ask for?......well probably, maybe it is. You would think with todays technology they would be able  to at least stop the slow progression. Having said that , I do understand his point of view, if they intervene there's a very high risk of losing that very same thing I'm trying to preserve.

I think that's why I haven't been to see my NS in 5 years, I just didn't want to be reminded of what I could loss and what's ahead. It would be nice to hear him say "we can preserve what you have now, you're not going to get worse!" I'd be happy with that!.....

Well until the 28th...maybe they can deal with my pain....

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  1. Thanks for sharing with us. Pain on a daily basis is so hard to live with. It takes so much out of you...
    I hope they do find something to ease the pain soon! All the best with the upcoming tests.